Lululemon Recalls Top Because It's Apparently Really Dangerous

Lululemon has a rough recall history, and things aren't looking that great for them today, either -- the popular sportswear brand is recalling 300,000 of its women's tops because they've injured enough women to raise eyebrows. 


I bet you're wondering how, exactly, a sportswear top could be injuring people. That's a great thing to be wondering! Turns out it's not circulation loss or even, like, extreme chaffing that's drawing blood. Nope. The tops are injuring people because the hard little ends to the hood drawstrings are whacking people in the face.

I KNOW. Please take a moment to snort or scoff or do whatever you need to do.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said that "when the elastic draw cord with a hard tip in the hood or around the neck area is pulled or caught on something and released, it can snap back, impact the face area, and result in injury." That's caused seven "injuries" so far.

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Alright, so I know the eyes are really sensitive, but how serious could these injuries possibly be?? Awful enough that they're recalling 300,000 products? I feel like getting hit in the face with a drawstring is something you do accidentally, feel dumb about for a minute, and then forget about completely. 

But maybe Lululemon is owning up to this now so they don't get smacked with another recall disaster? In 2013 they had to recall 17 percent of all the pants in their stores because they became see-through when women bent over (how could we forget). That debacle really rocked the company -- it cost them millions of dollars and ended in the CEO resigning. So maybe they're extra sensitive to this stuff now?

Whatever the reason, the whole situation is beyond absurd. But it does mean that you can get your drawstring replaced, if you have one of the affected models. The company warns that you should cease wearing the tops immediately. We think you'll be just fine, but hey -- that's your call.

Have you ever been injured by a hoodie drawstring?


Image © Arnau 

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