Why Botox Is the One Beauty Treatment I Refuse to Give Up

You already know Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures  out there. Thought it isn't without risk, many patients love that it is a nonsurgical way to look younger and smooth out wrinkles.


One of those patients is Holly Cooper, a 38-year-old working mom who lives in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Holly has been getting Botox for three years now and was happy to fill us in on what it's really like to "go under the needle."

What made you decide to get Botox?
A combination of vanity and pragmatism, I guess! I work in a field where looks are important, so I work hard to take care of my appearance. I go to the gym, I have a good hairdresser, I try to stay on trend in terms of fashion -- this just seemed like the logical next step.

Did you know other people who were getting it done? Did that influence you?
I don’t know if it influenced me. Well, I guess it did. Most of the other moms at my kid’s school get it done, I think. It isn’t really something that people are ashamed of here. We live in a pretty affluent area, so I think spending money on your looks whether it is Botox or facials or whatever is kind of the norm.

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How much do you budget for Botox a year?
I tend to go to my dermatologist every three to four months for a treatment. Each visit runs about $300, so I guess about $1200 a year. The salon where I get my hair done sometimes offers Botox nights that are cheaper, but I don’t feel comfortable with that. I trust my doctor more than I’d trust a random person.

Have you ever had negative side effects?
No, nothing beyond some redness at the needle site and a light bruise once or twice. I can usually do it on my lunch hour and go back to work that afternoon and nobody is the wiser.

Do you think you’ll keep doing it?
Yes! Honestly, I can’t imagine stopping. I look like I’m 29, and why would I want to go back to looking my age again?

Are more invasive procedures in your future?
Maybe? I don’t want to look plastic, so if clean living and Botox can keep me looking younger without surgery, I’m content with that for now.

What does your husband think? And your kids?
The girls are still young enough that they are oblivious. I won’t have an issue telling them about all the ways I take care of myself as they get older. I want them to look their best too. And my husband gets Botox twice a year, so he is right there with me!

Anything else you’d like to share?
My only regret is that I waited to 35 to start. I wish I had done it younger to prevent wrinkles from deepening as much as they did.

Would you ever get Botox?

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