Dude Attempts to Feel Women's Pain by Wearing 3-Inch Heels for a Day (VIDEO)

man tries heels for a dayHeels can complete your outfit while making your legs look great, but let's be honest: They hurt -- sometimes, like, from the very second you put them on! It's something it seems like our men will never understand.


But what if they were to give 'em a try for a day?

That's exactly what BroBible's L.A.-based video correspondent Brandon Cohen did. He recently strapped on a pair of spikes and was trailed by a camera as he explored what all the fuss is about, and boy, did he get a shock -- and probably some blisters!

Take a look.

Well, we'll certainly give him points for trying, but it's a shame he can't stop worrying about being judged the whole day, isn't it? It's his experiment, and if he wants to see what it's really like, he should own it!  

And despite the fact that he realizes it's massively uncomfortable early on, he didn't really sound all that sympathetic when he says, "It's tough to be a chick!"

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You can't help but wonder if he truly got the message. The next time he goes out with his wife or girlfriend, we can't help but wonder if he'll be inclined to say, "Honey, take off those sexy heels and throw on your Birkenstocks. Your comfort should trump fashion every time!" Hmmm ... seems unlikely!

It was funny, though, when he said he now understands why women are sometimes in a bad mood, adding, "I completely get it right now. Like I want to kill everybody."

Dude, try wearing them (and Spanx!) while you're menstruating. It's like the trifecta of personal hurt. Or head off to a mammogram donning a pair of heels if you want to feel pain from almost head to toe! 

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And you've gotta love the part where he tries to navigate the steps and declares, "This is just not safe." Now, give it a go with a purse, a child, or after a few drinks at a wedding. Good luck with that!

Of course, the experiment was so torturous, Cohen had to cut it short. Not surprised that instead of heading out dancing, he hobbled home for some Advil and his bed. It's okay, Brandon, you gave it your best shot -- and, as you know, we chicks have all been there! 

Do you ever skip wearing heels just to be comfortable?


Images BroBible/YouTube

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