Woman Morphs Into 'Human Barbie' in Under 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

kandee johnson morphs into barbie in 90 secondsIf you already feel like it's taking you too long to put on makeup each morning, you're about to feel a whole lot worse! Kandee Johnson, a brunette with brown eyes, who just happens to be a makeup artist, is able to transform herself into Barbie in under two minutes. You have to watch this transformation to actually believe it!   


Pay attention -- it happens fast!

Of course, this is a high-speed version, but still, isn't that amazing? Once she popped in those colored contacts, she looked like a completely different person!

Johnson, an Internet sensation with over 2 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, illustrates exactly how transformative makeup can be! 

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The stunning chameleon goes beyond just looking like the popular doll on her channel. She morphs into everyone from Pocahontas to Orange Is the New Black's Ruby Rose. 

But back to Barbie. Just the way she feathered in those eyebrows and lashes made them look so real! And while it might have seemed a bit over-the-top at first, once her look is complete it's really a cohesive picture!

This is definitely something you may want to try before your next costume party! 

Have you ever experimented with makeup and looked like someone else?


Images via KandeeJohnson/YouTube

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