Gisele Bundchen Bares a Ton of Skin in Stunning Ad for ... Boots, Of Course (PHOTO)

gisele bundchenGisele Bundchen has gone "bottoms up," baring a lot of skin for her latest Stuart Weitzman ad campaign! But this is not the first time Mrs. Tom Brady has forgotten part of her outfit for the footwear brand.


In the fall 2014 and spring 2015 ad campaigns, she posed alternately without top and without trousers. Because, of course, the ad's all about the boots, the boots, the boots.

And what boots they are! Check 'em out.

She’s showing off a Stuart Weitzman ALLLEGS pair (retailing for about $800) that soars 28” to thigh-top (on Gisele, that is; on others, that would put them at about ab-high). The black lace-ups match the black tunic top (or dress?) she’s (almost) wearing, which is slashed TO THERE on the side, showing off an amount of butt cheek that would fit right in on the beaches of Ipanema.  

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In a statement, the designer said:

I could not have picked a better pair of legs than Gisele’s to show off such a sexy boot. She defines the term ALLLEGS (aka "all legs"), and inspired its name.

The mother-of-two hopefully won’t inspire others to too closely follow suit (or lack thereof). If so, it’s going to be a kind of drafty fall.

Would you ever attempt this look? What do you think about Giselle in it?


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