Tori Spelling Professes Love for Magic Bra We Can't Help But Be Skeptical About (PHOTO)

tori spelling inside out premiereApparently, Tori Spelling and I have something in common, and nobody is more surprised than I am that the something in common is our breasts. 


I discovered this thanks to the actress-turned-reality star and entrepreneur's recent, rather odd selfie. Check it out.

I had no idea that bras designed especially for sleeping in at night to "fight the sag" actually existed, but as we can plainly see, they do, and Tori is hyping them online.

Okay, can we take a second to roll our eyes a little that this bra is being promoted by a woman who famously has fake boobs that are probably not all that likely to sag? Tori, suuuure. You totally need this. I’m 100 percent convinced.

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While I know there are many women who love nothing more than whipping their bras off at the end of the day and letting the girls go free range, I’m overly endowed in the breast region so I’m rarely not in a bra. Me + underwire = True love forever. For most of my life, I’ve even worn a bra to bed because I find it more comfortable to sleep with some extra support.

And the bra Tori's wearing, called Nightlift, purports to offer women like me a bonus benefit: preventing sag. After all, nobody wants to end up with "36 Long" as their bra size!

These bras allegedly use a double strap system to act as a cradle for your breasts when you are sleeping on your side or back. If you’ve ever laid on your back and watched your boobs slide into your armpits, you know gravity isn’t on your side when sleeping is concerned, so the concept makes some sense. The bras aren't cheap at nearly $100, but are surprisingly pretty!

I’d actually like to try it out, but they don’t carry my 42H size, which seems ironic as us bigger girls need the sagging help more than anyone else!

Would you try these bras? Are you’re a free boob gal or is keeping them perky a top priority?

Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

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