Taylor Swift Steps Out in a Wacky Style Only She Can Get Away With (PHOTO)

taylor swiftLet's be clear. We are firmly Team Taylor. And not just because of her music, but because she genuinely seems like your coolest, most successful girlfriend. One you could while away all day with baking cookies after she spent the morning chatting with sick kids in a hospital. She's probably as universally loved -- or well, tolerated -- as a celeb can be. But this week, Tay-Tay made an, um, interesting outfit choice


So naturally, that vicious cat we call the Internet is now trying to claw her to bits. It seems so high school to start at the beginning, but we'll play.

On Wednesday, Taylor stepped out to lunch with one of her besties, Selena Gomez. What she wore: super-cute tan ankle booties, super-cute olive green short shorts, a super-cute black sleeveless tee that announced, "This is my fight song." And she accessorized with a ...


Yes, you read that right. A cross between a rock climbing harness and some funky lederhosen. At least that's sure as hell what it looks like. Check it out.

taylor swift in a harness

And as soon pics of Taylor in her harness surfaced, people freaked out. Kinda like back in high school when the head cheerleader showed up one morning with really bad bangs.

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In fact, some coverage was less about Taylor's, er, fashion statement, and more about what random people who are not famous tweeted about it. Think lots of snide comments and wanna-be-funny-but-are-kinda-lame jokes.

A few people defended Taylor, not like she needs it. And we will, too. When you're THAT talented and seem that genuinely nice (that part's important), you can pretty much wear whatever you want. If Taylor took into account every criticism and complaint people made, she'd probably have Britney Spears' career about right now.

We say, let TS wear her goofy little harness. If anyone can start a trend, it's her. And if you don't like it? Don't panic. We're pretty positive she's not coming over to your house with one for you.

What do YOU think of Taylor's harness?

Image via Bauer-Griffin/Bauergriffin.com

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