Nicole Richie Really Regrets Where She Got That One Tattoo ... (PHOTO)

nicole richieGetting a neck tattoo isn't a move to make lightly -- especially if you're a gal who likes to wear her hair short or up. Unfortunately, it sounds like Nicole Richie is regretting the ink she had placed at the nape of her neck, particularly now that she's rockin' a new, hot-pink pixie cut. 


The 33-year-old mom of two says she was a "19-year-old idiot" when she got the tatt. If there's a bit of good news to her buyer's remorse it's that people aren't asking her about it, which she says is "nice." 

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So, just why aren't people inquiring about it? We guess it's because the simple tattoo bears her last name and a little red bow. Simple enough, right? 

It's great that Richie's being honest about this and maybe it'll make young women think twice before putting something permanent on their bodies. Sure, it's on your neck and maybe you can't see it, but you still know it's there, so it's definitely worthy of a little extra consideration.

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Richie has come clean in the past about her ink regrets, calling her "virgin" wrist tattoo "embarrassing and desperate."  It seems like the daughter of singer Lionel Richie has learned from her mistakes. She hasn't gotten another since she was 21. 

It's easy to imagine getting tired of a tattoo -- even one you really wanted. At least Nicole can't see this one without a mirror and it shows a sense of pride in her family name, so it could definitely be a lot worse. 

Hopefully her story can serve as a cautionary tale for teens who hastily rush into getting a mark that may last a lifetime! 

Do you regret getting any tattoos? 

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