12 Life-Changing Style Hacks for Common Fashion Frustrations (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Jun 22, 2015 Beauty & Style
12 Life-Changing Style Hacks for Common Fashion Frustrations (PHOTOS)

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Just when you thought you looked so pulled together, you see it. Maybe it's a stray bra strap, or a stain on your handbag, or a chalky mark from your deodorant. Help! Here are some quick and easy hacks for some of our most common style challenges.

Some of these tips are totally genius! Where have these style (and comfort!) secrets been all our lives?

Got any style hacks of your own to share?


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  • Prevent Runs in Tights


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    You've probably heard that you can stop a run from growing with clear fingernail polish. But here's a smart way to prevent those runs from happening in the first place: The blog Listotic recommends spraying your hose with hairspray, "paying special attention to the areas that are prone to runs."

  • Make High Heels More Comfortable


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    Hate that pain in the ball of your foot when you wear high heels? It's caused by a nerve between your third and fourth toes. Who What Wear has a great solution: "Tape your third and fourth toes (counting from the big toe) together -- we recommend nude medical tape for a low-profile look, but Scotch tape works in a pinch -- to alleviate pain in the ball of your foot."

  • Banish VPL From Gymwear


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    Panty lines showing through your leggings and yoga pants? Go mostly commando: Skip the underwear and adhere a panty liner inside your pants. Or, try this moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, seamless workout underwear, FitKnix.

  • Make Your Bra Fit Under a Racerback Tank


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    Love your racerback tank but don't want to shell out for a special bra for it? Make your own racerback bra with clips like this set of Adjustable Bra Strap Solution Cleavage Clips ($2.70, amazon.com) -- or just use a paperclip! 

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  • Remove Wrinkles Without an Iron


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    The Free People blog has six great ideas for unwrinkling your clothes when you don't have an iron handy. Our favorite two are: 1) laying your clothes out flat and pressing them with a damp towel and 2) using a hair straightening iron. And by the way, using a hair iron is a great way to manage your shirt collars, hems, and other hard-to-press areas.

  • Fix a Broken Fingernail


    Image via mylittlebeautycorner.com

    Adi of My Little Beauty Corner has a clever way to fix a broken fingernail using a tea bag -- you have to see it!

  • Avoid Blisters from New Flats


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    Those ballet flats look so cute when you wear them without socks. But oh, those "breaking in" pains! Before you wear them out, put on a thick pair of socks, put on your shoes, and aim a hot blow dryer on the tight areas. Let your shoes cool on your feet, and then repeat.

  • Get Rid of Deodorant Marks on Clothes


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    Oh no, chalky residue on your blouse? Already Pretty has a remedy: "Rub with a clean piece of the same garment to remove."

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  • Tuck in Your Shirt Properly


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    Tucking in your shirt seems like a no-brainer. So then why do you end up with those poofy bits here and bulk there? Check out this video tutorial for The Military Tuck and look ship-shape forever after. It's not just for guys!

  • Cuff Sleeves So They Stay


    Image via Leandra Man Repeller/YouTube

    In this video, J.Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons demonstrates the best way to cuff your shirt sleeves so they look crisp and don't come undone. (Starting at the 1-minute mark.)

  • Tie Shoes So They Don't Come Untied


    Image via Ofer Hofman/YouTube

    A friend of mine showed me this method for tying your shoes, and it's been a GAME CHANGER. Just this little tweak and they not only stay tied longer, but they're also just as easy to untie.

  • Remove Oil Stains on a Purse


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    Remove oil stains from your leather handbags with baby powder. Cover the stain with powder and leave overnight. Wipe off with a cloth.

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