New Swimwear Ad Shows Women of All Shapes & Sizes Looking Fabulous (VIDEO)

four women of all different shapes and sizes in swimsuits for target adWhen it comes to buying a swimsuit, it doesn't matter whether you're super-curvy, stick-thin, small-chested, or working on shedding a few pounds. Shopping for THE perfect bikini that's going to make you feel great about yourself is a pain. In. The. Butt. Luckily, Target's new ad campaign gets that, and, like your closest girlfriend, is here to help you deal.


Even if you've got body confidence to spare, shopping for a swimsuit can rock your world. (And not in a good way.) You have to battle ridiculously bad lighting in dressing rooms, "helpful" salespeople that bring you suits that are offensively too big or small, suits that look cute on the rack but make you look like a sad grandma ... We won't continue lest we trigger PTSD.

But thank you, Target, for coming up with an ad that inspires us to hold our heads high this swimsuit season. Maybe this WILL be the year we a. find a swimsuit and b. don't utter "ick!" once before checking out.

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The campaign is called "Target Loves Every Body," and in it, Target stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi interviews four real women about what they like -- and don't like -- about their bodies.

It's like any convo you'd have with a good friend where you complain about your flat chest, and they roll their eyes and say, "I WISH I had that problem." And then they say they hate their belly when all you see is perfect abs. 

While Rassi helps each woman find an awesome suit, she scores extra points for not once uttering the term "plus-size." Instead, Rassi gushes over one woman's "hourglass" figure and how she seriously rocks a two-piece with a highwaisted bottom.

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The short, under-3-minute video (below) pretty much explodes with the kind of smiley, cooperative "You go, girl" attitude we usually DON'T see outside of kids' TV shows. But you know what? We're totally okay with that.

And almost okay with bikini shopping now.

What do you think this new ad?


Image via Target

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