Kim Zolciak Shares Waist Trainer 'Proof' to Shut Up the Haters But There's 1 Glaring Problem (VIDEO)

kim zolciak waist trainerYou guys, if Kim Zolciak says her waist trainer took four inches off her waist, why isn't anyone believing her? The reality televsion star is just plain sick of all the haters who say she photoshops the many teeny-waist selfies she posts on social media. 


"There's a lot of haters, and a lot of people said I Photoshop my picture," Zolciak told ET, "so I finally just did a video, because you can't Photoshop video, to finally shut people up." Well okay, then, let's see that video!

Okay, so that's not as convincing as I'd hoped. I mean, she could say her waist is smaller while she's wearing her waist trainer and I would believe that. She appears to be wearing one in the video. And yeah, that's what those things are supposed to do -- temporarily redistribute your body mass away from your waist.

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However, it sounds like she's implying that wearing the thing has taken four inches off her actual body, and that's the claim that sets off people's B.S. detectors.

But what the heck, let's just give her the benefit of the doubt for a moment and say her waist trainer has somehow made the circumference of her actual flesh-and-blood waist smaller. How, exactly, is it doing that?

Not by burning fat. "Wearing a corset won’t make you lose fat around your waist," internist Dr. Holly Phillips tells Yahoo News.

Not by changing bone structure. "For [adult] women, your bones are formed," Phillips says. "You can bruise them and harm them, but you can't change them."

Not by making you sweat a lot. "Kim may well have lost four inches, but it was most likely water weight from the excessive sweating caused by wearing a tight latex band around her middle," says personal trainer Carly Pizzani. HOWEVER! "That four inches would have reappeared as soon as she rehydrated."

Womp, womp.

I asked trainers. I asked doctors. I searched the Internets. I could not find a single legit professional who isn't trying to sell waist trainers who believes those things are anything but extremely uncomfortable snake oil. 

My conclusion? Waist trainers do not "train" your waist to be smaller. Period. They make your waist skinny while they're on but they don't change the shape of your actual waist permanently, after you take that belly tourniquet off. Sorry, everyone. We're still stuck with the tried-but-true cardio and healthy eating.

Are you still a waist trainer believer? WHY.


Image via Kim Zolciak/Instagram

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