Why Some Women Never Seem to Age -- It’s Totally Unfair!

jada pinkett smithHave you been staring longingly at women like Jada Pinkett Smith, wondering why they never age a whit despite the otherwise cruel passage of time? What is it -- ultra-expensive skin care products? Sleeping in a bathtub filled with coconut oil? A deal with the devil? Nope, scientists have found a very simple explanation for this ageless look.


Some people have what are called Methuselah genes, which are responsible for traits like the skin's ability to protect itself from environmental damage, or how well your DNA repairs itself. In other words, these are the genes that help you look younger.

A study by Harvard, Olay, and genetic testing company 23andMe analyzed the genes of 231 women from two ethnic groups. And according to their findings one-fifth of American black women carry Methuselah genes. But only one in ten white American women carry them. Having these genes can help you look up to 10 years younger than your chronological age.

I guess this explains the phenomenon some of my friends refer to as "black don't crack."

Life is cruel, isn't it? To some are given socioeconomic privilege relative to the rest of the world. To others only the fountain of youth.

Anyway! They plan to test Asian and Latin women next, which should be very interesting. And maybe 23andMe will enable us to test ourselves, too. But then what?  Say you find out you don't have Methuselah genes. I guess it's back to plan A: Sleep every night in a tub of coconut oil.

Do you know women who seem to never age at all? Or are you one of them?


Image via Splash News

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