Eva Mendes Refuses to Show Her Face After a Wild Night & We're Grateful (PHOTO)

eva mendesPoor Eva Mendes. Up all night with a teething baby, the movie star decided to crop her sleep-deprived face from the selfie she posted the morning after. Instead we get an eyeful of her wee waist in a fetching floral dress. And you know what? It really is better that way.


Because honestly, I don't think I could handle Eva Mendes' version of Wild Night Face. That's because Eva Mendes on a bad morning is probably still 1000 times more gorgeous than any of us ordinary mortals on our best day.

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Oh, does Eva have dark circles and bags under her eyes from a teething eight month old? Well I have dark circles and bags under my eyes even when I get seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, and I have to blame mine on more permanent factors like genes and age and life.

Super cute dress, though.

In fact, I love the dress so much I actually went to the New York & Company Eva Mendes Collection online to see if I could snag one of my own and guess what? IT'S NOT THERE! What the hell. Did they sell out of it?

This one is pretty, though. (And on sale!)

eva mendes

Marina Wrap Dress in Delicate Coral ($49, nyandcompany.com)

Not that I'll look the same in it because me: mortal, Eva: Eva. But hey, I bet that coral will distract from my eye bags!

Do you believe Eva Mendes is really too sleep-deprived for a selfie?


Image via Eva Mendes/Instagram, nyandcompany.com

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