Why Every Mom Should Be Rocking Skinny Jeans

skinny jeansDear Skinny Jeans: Is there any other article of clothing on Earth more misunderstood than you are? There's a reason why women who wear skinny jeans are the happiest, most confident people around, and it has nothing to do with being skinny.


The big secret about skinny jeans is that they're insanely comfortable.

We probably shouldn't call them "skinny" nor should they be called "jeans." For they are neither! The best ones are made of light, stretchy stuff with a wee bit of denim woven in. Just enough to allow us to pretend they're jeans.

When you wear skinny jeans you are basically wearing business casual office-appropriate yoga pants. And if you're clever with the oversized shirts you can even get away with their somewhat sleazy second cousins. Jeggings? DON'T MIND IF I DO. Those are the real "mom" jeans. What else will take you from the playground to a parent teacher conference to girls' night out?

Oh, but are you skinny enough for skinny jeans?

That is not a question that matters! They come in a whole range of sizes, so you don't actually have to be skinny to wear them. Forget "squeezing" yourself into your skinnies. You only have to do that if you're in total denial about your size because guess what: Go a size or two up and you can totally breathe and eat pizza, no problem.

If anything, skinny jeans encourage you to be real about your size. So you've got some curves where girls are supposed to? Good for you! These babies will show off those hot curves without cutting off your circulation. This is you. Owning your own ass. Yasss.

It doesn't hurt that they're easy to "tuck" into boots. Step 1: Put on skinny jeans. Step 2: Put on boots. Done.

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Before skinnies came along I never wore jeans at all. I hated that stiff fabric. I remember those wretched Levis 501 jeans and how they were always too short for my extra-long pelvis, which meant they always rode up, with all those bunchy, bulky seams, right into my crotch in the most uncomfortable way.  

Oh but then! Skinny jeans came along. Sweet, stretchy, forgiving skinny jeans. And it didn't matter that my navel was a full mile up from my inseam. 

So go ahead and declare skinny jeans over -- for the fifth year in a row. Tell me a 40-something mom is "too old" to wear skinnies. Tell me we're all wearing unflattering boyfriend jeans this year. I don't care. You'll have to pull my skinny jeans off my dead, cold body 60 years from now. Because God bless them, they are the best.

How do you feel about skinny jeans?


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