Valeria Lukyanova Actually Hates Being Called 'Human Barbie' (VIDEO)

valeria Lukyanova Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova, aka 'Human Barbie,' is speaking up about her nickname in a new interview with Cosmopolitan. Conducted via Skype, the Internet sensation who refuses to divulge her age, says despite using hashtags "#doll" and "#Barbie," she finding her moniker "degrading" and "insulting." 


So why does she use the tags and perpetuate the references? Lukyanova says it's so that her fans can find her more easily but that doesn't mean she approves. She explains:

I think it's even a little degrading and insulting, but I'm used to it now, since that's what my work demands and this is precisely the image most fans request. So I have to comply with it because it's become part of my aesthetic image, but I don't like it.

The diminutive diva dishes on her diet and clothing also. Take a listen: 

Wow. After hearing about what she eats and struggles to find clothes that fit, it makes you wonder if being quite so doll-like doesn't have its disadvantages. (Seriously, can you imagine not even indulging in ice cream once in a while?!)

But it is nice to hear about her concern for the environment as she encourages fans to stop pollution. We guess these are the higher ideals she's referring to when she says can't worry about her age. 

It's interesting to hear from the woman herself and see her animated. It really does make her seem much more "real" and less like a "doll." And maybe that's exactly what she's going for! 

Did it surprise you to hear that Valeria Lukyanova doesn't like being referred to as 'Human Barbie'?

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