Chrissy Teigen Handles 'Highest Caliber' Wardrobe Malfunction as Only She Can (PHOTO)

chrissy teigenWhether it's flaunting fashion or stretch marks, Chrissy Teigen can't seem to help but fire on all cylinders all the time. Well, except for last night, when the stunning model stepped out at the annual CFDA Fashion Awards and suffered a wardrobe malfunction in her white Solace London gown.


Of course, being Chrissy, she totally owned up to what happened -- on Instagram, no less -- and posted a hilarious, adorable photo documenting the incident, during which her slit took it upon itself to "rip 5 inches higher." Eeek!

OMG, can you stand it? Even when she's freaking out about her couture gown going totally rogue, she still managed to laugh it off and look adorable -- all while rollin' into the show with shoe guru Stuart Weitzman as her date.

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Thankfully, the slit fiasco was the only wardrobe malfunction she suffered last night. When Instagram commenters pointed out that her strapless neckline looked like it may have dipped so low as to cause a nip slip, Chrissy replied:

Do you guys know what a shadow is? Those are not nipples. I know what my nipples look like. You don’t. Well maybe you do. But those aren’t them.

Ha! Way to put those trolls in their place.

Not that we should be surprised. Of course we can leave it to Chrissy Teigen to show us how handling a wardrobe malfunction is done. If you're going to suffer "a wardrobe malfunction of the highest caliber," might as well do it with class, style, and grace! Though, I'm sure having some safety pins on hand next time wouldn't be a bad idea!

What would you do if this wardrobe malfunction happened to you?


Image via Photo Image Press/Splash News

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