12 Ways to Make Bathing Suit Shopping Fun -- or At Least Less Torturous (PHOTOS)

woman shopping for bikiniBathing suit shopping is almost universally dreaded, but it doesn't have to be a stressful experience. With the right outlook and a few tips and tricks, it can even be, dare we say, fun!


There are sooooo many bathing suits out there -- whether you're looking or a one piece, two piece, or a tankini, you want tummy control or cleavage boosting, you know exactly what you want or you have no idea ... 

Here, 12 of the gorgeous, flattering options out there plus tips for making swimsuit shopping a more enjoyable experience!

How do you making bathing suit shopping more fun?

bathing suit shopping

Images via iStock.com/Juanmonino and © fiphoto/Shutterstock

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