Demi Moore Deemed 'Unrecognizable' After Rumored Plastic Surgery (PHOTO)

Demi Moore extensive plastic surgeryIt's no secret that actress Demi Moore has been striving to look as young and gorgeous as her daughters -- particularly Rumer, 26, with whom she shared a "twinning" moment last week. But after attending the Seedling Launch party in Los Angeles this weekend, top plastic surgeon Tony Youn, M.D. says it's more than just good genes that gives Demi her youthful look. Youn says the 52-year-old star has undergone "extensive plastic surgery." 


The doctor, who has not treated Moore, explains the work he believes she may have had done:

I suspect that she has had injections of a filler like Sculptra into her cheeks, making them plumper. Her lips also appear quite enhanced, likely due to an injectable filler like Restylane. In addition, her forehead is quite smooth, which is likely due to injections of Botox. 

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Cosmetic Rejuvenation specialist Zara Harutyunyan, D.O.M., R.N., not only agrees with Youn but also suspects that Moore has had breast and mid-face augmentation and implants. We hate to say it, but they may be on to something based on that photo above.

While that sounds like A LOT of work, plastic surgery seems to be par for the course these days in Hollywood. And let's not forget, Demi spent seven years married to Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years her junior! We can only imagine how that makes a mom of three feel!

Also, how gorgeous was Demi in St. Elmo's Fire and A Few Good Men? If surgery could keep you looking like that perennially, who wouldn't give it a go? Still, we hope she doesn't take it too far and become no longer recognizable as the woman we loved in Ghost.

Do you think Demi Moore has had extensive plastic surgery?

Image © Parisa/Splash News/Corbis

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