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11 Gorgeous & Delicate White Tattoo Designs

A white ink tattoo is almost like a secret -- it can be barely visible except in certain light. I love the sweet quality white tattoos possess. It's such a delicate and beautiful way to add to your skin. Here is a collection of some of the most beautiful white tattoos.

This light ink takes on an ethereal feel. And many of the designs chosen to be in white are dainty and spiritual. An all-white tattoo radiates this magical and exquisite feeling and after seeing this collection, you may want to get one, too.

Which tattoo is your favorite?

white ink tattoos

Image via mitchpleasance/Instagram

Image via kaelyn_opolis/Instagram

1Face Lotus

Absolutely stunning. This white lotus tattoo is such a beautiful addition to the gorgeous tattoos that Kaelyn has. It's perfect in white.

Image via loreuse/Instagram

3Poet in Type

I love how the word "poet" looks like typewriter font and is perfectly placed on the wrist.

Image via beastloaf666/Instagram

5Like Lace

What a soft addition to the arm, this white lacy tattoo was created by artist Rachelle Gammon of Halicuts in Halifax.

Image via unlimitedinktattoojag/Instagram

6Angel Wings

Done at Unlimited Ink Tattoo in San Jose, California, these elegant angel wings are very dreamy and special.

Image via tiffin8or/Instagram

7White Tree

Especially awesome for fans of Lord of the Rings, this tattoo is of the White Tree of Gondor. Very cool.

Image via merribuns/Instagram


Sometimes tattoo artists add a little silver or pink to the white ink so it stands out on a person's skin tone. It's still super light and ghost-like, very subtle like these arrows.

Image via carolynreal/Instagram


There is something very graceful about this mandala tattoo in white. It takes on almost a velvety quality.

Image via nowherelandtattoo/Instagram


The hamsa is a protection amulet, as is the eye of horus -- what perfectly magical tattoo in white.


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