Paulina Porizkova Sizzles in a Bikini & Who Cares How Old She Is (PHOTOS)

paulina porizkovaSupermodel Paula Porizkova sure is making 50 look hot. Her stylist, Brian Magallones, snapped a few shots of her relaxing in a pool at the St. Regis Hotel in Miami and posted them on Instagram. Even Porizkova was impressed with herself! 


So she tweeted one of the photos with hashtag #fiftynomakeup. The supermodel credits SPF and gravity for her youthful glow. "Only not aged when lying down," she joked to a commenter who said she hadn't aged since he posted photos of her in his dorm room. Um, I think incredibly kind genetics may have helped her out as well?

Most women would be lucky to look like that at any age. No fillers or plastic surgery? Wow ... Anyway, in case you were wondering, here's what the photo looks like upside-down. Paulina still looks stunning, FYI.

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paulina porizkova

Here's a close-up of Porkizkova by Magallones. You can just barely make out a few laugh lines -- but they're the kind of lines that make a woman look sexier. 

I think feeling happy and relaxed makes you look more beautiful, too. 

I have mixed feelings about these "she's still got it at 40/45/50/" photos. On the one hand, how awesome that women of all ages can be sexy. And it's inspiring to see how gorgeously you can age if you live a healthy lifestyle. But some women happen to be genetically blessed with amazing bone structure and legs for days (for example).

These photos might be a bit intimidating -- here's the new beauty standard you have to meet well into middle age, when previous generations of women were allowed to ease comfortably into soft grandmaness.

On the other hand, I'd love to stop seeing "OMG, we can't believe we found a woman who is still sexy at 50!!" headlines and captions. Can we please stop acting like this is such a big surprise? My wish is that someday we'll just see photos of sexy 50-year-old women with no mention of their age at all. 

I think this world is big enough for both kinds of women, and everyone in between. 

How do you think you'll look at 50?


Image via Brian Magallones/Instagram 

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