Lena Dunham's Lingerie Pic Proves She's Cool & Confident to Her Core (PHOTO)

Lena dunhamGirls creator Lena Dunham has never been shy when it comes to sharing her opinion or images of her body. The writer and actress recently took to Instagram to show she's still got her trademark boldness and confidence -- right down to her sexy undies!


Dunham's post is a plug for Lonely Lingerie, a brand that espouses the empowering motto: For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves. Check it out: 

Don't you love that Dunham is bringing this message to light and pointing out that sexy underwear isn't just something we're wearing for men?

Sometimes what you're sporting under your clothes can put a little spring in your step so why not break out the good stuff all year long? You shouldn't reserve those lacy undergarments for date night or your anniversary. Life is short and if wearing something sexy makes you feel a little more confident, go for it! 

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We also love that Dunham isn't concerned in the slightest that she's not stick thin. (And how awesome is it that she's not making a pouty duck face either!?) Loving your body and dressing it up -- just for yourself -- is a concept women everywhere can get behind.  

How often do you wear sexy lingerie just for yourself?

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