10 Baby Products Grown Women Can't Get Enough Of (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | May 26, 2015 Beauty & Style

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As moms, kids are always "borrowing" stuff from us -- our cell phones, cash, any snacks they can find in our purses. Well, maybe they learned it from us. How many times have you found yourself grabbing a baby wipe to remove your makeup?

That's right, baby products aren't just for kids! Moms love their versatility. We rounded up 10 of our favorite ways to put those items to good use! 

What your favorite baby product and how do you use it? 

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  • Diaper Cream


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    Diaper cream works wonders on cracked and irritated skin, making it the perfect remedy for that bright red patch you get under your nose during cold and flu season. Dab a little on before bedtime and no one will know you looked like Rudolph just a few hours before.

  • Baby Lotion


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    When you've run out of your own hand or body lotion, it's nice to know you've got the heavenly-scented baby lotion on hand. It's so gentle and light on your skin, you just might switch to it permanently.

  • Wipes


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    Plenty of moms use fragrance-free wipes as their go-to makeup remover. They also work well if you need to get some blush or lipstick off a shirt. 

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  • Baby Food Jars


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    Empty baby food jars make the perfect catchall for hairpins and earrings. Because they're clear, you can see what's inside immediately and skip hunting through drawers or jewelry boxes. 

  • Bubble Bath


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    Who can resist bubble bath at any age? Pour in a nice calming, lavender-scented one and we'll stay in there as long as the kids will let us -- or until the water turns cold! 

  • Baby Powder


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    Who hasn't sprinkled some baby powder into their ballet flats to "freshen" them up a bit or help glide your swollen feet back in there after a long day? Some women use baby powder in place of dry shampoo. Dust your roots, brush it in, and you've just saved yourself a washing.

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  • Baby Oil


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    Baby oil makes a nice and gentle mascara remover. If you've experienced eyelash loss due to harsh products, this one will solve that problem!

  • Baby Shampoo


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    If you're looking to give your makeup brushes a good cleaning, try some baby shampoo. Reality star and domestic diva Lauren Conrad uses this trick on her own cosmetic accessories.  

  • Baby Detergent


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    If you've got sensitive skin, you might want to try the baby's laundry detergent. It's also great for those delicate items of clothing you want to look their best. 

  • Pedialyte


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    If you've overindulged, skip the greasy burger and fries remedy and head straight for the Pedialyte. It'll rehydrate you in no time, according to celebrities who swear by this remedy.

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