Iggy Azalea's Plastic Surgery Rumor Has Us All Guessing (PHOTO)

iggy azalea

Iggy Azalea had no problem telling the world that she got breast implants though I will admit it hurt to hear that she was so unhappy with her body and self image that she had it done -- she's only 24 years old. Now there are new rumors that Iggy has had more plastic surgery ... this time to her face. Take a look.


iggy azalea nose job

In the same Vogue interview where Iggy admitted she had her breasts enlarged, she mentioned how she was turned down for modeling jobs years ago and agents told her to get a nose job and lose weight. She looked at herself a little differently then, and who could blame her?

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The rumor now is that Iggy got a nose job and chin implant. A "source" said that Iggy wasn't happy with her nose and "she wanted to get that taken care of and then got the chin done at the same time." I'm not convinced. While I do agree she looks a little different, I believe it may just be some makeup tricks. Her eyes makeup is very minimal and that could change a face a lot. Some contouring makeup could make her nose seem slimmer, chin longer -- not that there was anything wrong with her nose or chin to begin with.

If she did get any plastic surgery on her face, it is certainly subtle -- she looks beautiful. Though she always has. (I love the pink tips on her hair, too.) But I keep coming back to the fact that she's only 24. I hope if she did have work done, this doesn't become a trend for her. She's way too young to start now on changing her beautiful self.

What do you think? Did Iggy get a nose job and chin implants?

Image via ACE/INFphoto.com; Splash News

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