Don't Use Crayola as Makeup, No Matter What You See on Pinterest

colored pencil eyeliner

Have you ever run out of eye- or lip-liner and been tempted to grab one or more of the kids' colored pencils that are scattered around your playroom? Well, as tempting as that makeup improv might be, Crayola is warning against repurposing its products. 


After bloggers and DIY-ers started offering tutorials on how to turn the art supplies into quick, cheap cosmetics, the Pennsylvania-based company issued the following statement:

As the manufacturer of children's products, safety is our top priority at Crayola. Although our products are nontoxic, we do not recommend using them to make lipstick, eyeliner or other make-up and strongly discourage their use in this manner. They are not designed, tested or approved for this purpose.

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With over one million views, DIY beauty blogger RclBeauty101's video tutorial illustrates exactly how to work those bold shades. 

This concept, and its sudden popularity, are spurring plenty of copycats, like Rebecca Balesdent and Ellie Evenson.

While many commenters claim they've been using the art class staple for years without any ill effects, it's still best to heed Crayola's warning.

Sure, they're non-toxic, but that doesn't mean they're ready to go in your makeup bag. Especially when it comes to your eyes, it's always better safe than sorry.

Have you ever used art supplies in place of cosmetics? 

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