'Human Barbie' Valeria Lukyanova Comes Clean About Recent Workout Photos

human barbieWe thought something looked a little off! Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova has admitted that recent photos taken of her revealing her new doll-sized six-pack abs were indeed Photoshopped. But ... the reason behind her editing is sad yet relatable. 


Lukyanova explains that her friend took the pictures on a phone and because of that they weren't the highest quality, so the diminutive diva decided to do a little fixing. 

We understand where she's coming from. How many times have we seen photos of ourselves and instantly denied that that's what we really look like. Maybe the lighting is off or it's been taken at a bad angle, and those are just some of the things we tell ourselves to feel better. Whatever the case, it's tempting to do a little retouching. 

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Still, in this case in particular, it's sad. She's already had so much work done and she's still unhappy with herself. It makes you wonder where it all ends and if maybe rather than working on the outside, a makeover on the inside is a better idea. 

Look how good she looks without an absolute ton of makeup and Photoshop. We hope she can see it too. 

Are you surprised that these pics were Photoshopped?


Images via singlevirginforever/YouTube & amatue2121212/Instagram & valerialukyanova/Instagram

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