Updo for the Holiday: The Girly Look

Cafe Cynthia BEFORE

No matter what you are wearing for the holidays, it's always fun to do a little something with your hair.

cafemama, Cafe Cynthia, and I went to Donsuki salon in NYC so Suki Duggan, stylist to the stars, could teach us how to create a holiday updo in minutes. Suki's a mom to three kids and she says all you need is a few minutes in the bathroom alone to create these styles.

Suki gave Cafe Cynthia a girly updo -- great to embrace the curls you have or the ones you add in. 


Step 1: Suki washed and blow dried hair upside down for volume. Then spritzed with hairspray. She curled hair upward and pinned in place.

Step 2: Suki said though she used a curling iron, it's best to use rollers at home. You can set hair and then get the kids ready, then return to styling.

Step 3: When hair is all curled, spray with hairspray and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 4: Take out rollers and run fingers through hair. Lightly tease at crown.

Step 5: Pull up sides of hair and pin with bobby pins, making Xs with pins to secure in place.

Step 6: Contine with bobby pins down hair, leaving the ends out for volume.

Step 7: Spritz with hairspray and play with hair in front for desired look.

Voila! A girly updo!

Or you can even go with a low ponytail. Cynthia played around with the style and came up with this look, too.

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