10 Summer Style Tips for Plus-Sized Women (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | May 12, 2015 Beauty & Style

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Finding something flattering and comfortable can be challenging, but never more so than when summer rolls around. As temperatures rise and everyone begins showing off a little more skin, women with fuller figures can find themselves struggling to keep cool, comfortable, and chic all at the same time.

With the summer fast approaching, Elaine Wang Yu, personal stylist and founder of Simply Chic Styling, shared her top 10 summer style suggestions for plus-sized women because there's nothing better than beating the heat while looking your best!

Which styles do you find most flattering during the summer?

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  • Find a Good Fit


    Finding the perfect fit isn't always easy, but it pay off because feeling good about yourself is the best look of all. Being aware of which styles are most flattering is key.

    "Summer jersey dresses with a cinched waist are a good option," says Wang Yu. "Maxi dresses with a tie around the middle are as well. Avoid baggy clothes because they will make you look bigger."

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  • Find a Good Tailor

    If you find something you love but it doesn't fit perfectly, don't despair  -- but don't wear it like that either. Find a tailor! This tip is very important for every woman, but especially for those with a curvy figure, the stylist says.
    "Off-the-rack purchases rarely work for anybody so if you find that your clothes need slight adjustments to fit right, a tailor can be your wardrobe's best friend."
  • Don't Forget Accessories


    Summer is the perfect time to break out some of those colorful baubles you packed away during the winter.

    "It's easy to forget about the extras in the summer when we simplify our wardrobes, but adding accessories completes any outfit," the stylist notes.

  • Highlight Your Best Feature


    "Think about what you'd like to emphasize and dress to highlight that feature. Maybe it is your waist. Perhaps it is your neckline. Choose one part of your body to show off and go for it!" Wang Yu says.

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  • Research Shapewear Options


    "There are so many great shapewear options these days with varying degrees of stretch," Wang Yu notes. "Be sure to think about what area needs some extra attention before shopping for shapewear. An important thing to keep in mind about wearing these undergarments is that you still want to feel comfortable! Don't wear anything that limits your breathing or makes you feel too restricted. If you feel really uncomfortable, it will show up on your face and ruin any great outfit."

    Great point! 

  • Shop for a Great Bathing Suit & Cover-up


    "Don't leave the all important bathing suit for last minute," advises Wang Yu. "No good decisions are made in a rush. Spend time researching swimsuit styles that work well for your body type and try a bunch on.

    "Buy a couple of options if you can and try them on again at home when you feel comfortable and the lighting is more natural. Dressing room lighting is always terrible. And be sure to get a beautiful cover up which will make you feel more comfortable while lounging near the pool or at the beach."

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  • Dress for Your Body Now


    When consulting with clients, Wang Yu empowers them to accept and love their bodies in the present. "Don't wait six months from now or five pounds from now. Every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful and you should dress for the body you have today," she says.

  • Get a Professional Bra Fitting


    Finding a bra that lifts and supports but doesn't strangle you isn't as easy as it should be. Rather than settle for not-quite-right, ask for help. "The right bra makes all the difference and for the plus-sized woman, a great fitting bra is crucial. Get fitted by a professional," Wang Yu advises.

  • Buy a Great Statement Necklace or Earrings


    "One thing I like to show my clients is that we want the focus of attention to be our faces. We don't want the focus of an outfit to be our shoes or legs. Our eyes and our faces are where we want people to look so shop for a beautiful statement necklace or statement earrings that will naturally draw the eyes to your face," the stylist notes. 

  • Be Aware of Scale & Proportion

    "As a curvy woman, pay attention to scale and proportion. So don't carry a clutch that is too small for your body, it will make you look bigger. Don't wear a jacket that tugs at your waist and sits above your hip bones. You want to wear pieces that are the right size relative to your body," says Wang Yu.
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