12 Stylish Slide Sandals Your Feet Will Love (PHOTOS)

Ladies, rejoice! Hear ye, hear ye, for this is the summer of the oh-so foot-loving slide sandal! Easy to put on, and totally easy and comfy to wear, slip-on sandals were all over the spring runways, and they're being spotted on all the trend-setting celebs. So, obviously, we need a pair, too!

Never fear, I shall never completely give up my cute yet painful high-heel, strappy, and wedge sandals. And I'm prettttty sure you'll never catch me in a pair of Birkinstocks with socks ... but slide sandals, while a bit on the Earthy side, can still be quite chic.

The bottom line? When a hot trend is actually comfortable (not to mention affordable), then it makes sense to jump on it! In our comfortable new slide sandals, of course... Click through to see some of the cutest ones out now.

Do you buy your shoes based on comfort or style? Or both?


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