13 Sweat-Proof Makeup Products That Stand Up to the Summer Sun (PHOTOS)

Listen, we love summer. No, really -- we wouldn't trade the long, bright days, laid-back vacation vibes, and sundress-wearing weather for anything. What we don't love? The makeup-melting heat. That we wouldn't miss so much. But what's a girl going to do ... stay inside? Nope, not on our lives!

So, to help you navigate high temps in style, we've selected our fave summer makeup products. We have everything you'll need to stay pretty as the mercury climbs -- like mascara, eyeshadow, setting sprays, and more!

So click through and then tell us: What is your beauty routine in the summer?

sweat proof makeup

Images via sephora.com, ulta.com, birchbox.com, lorealparisusa.com, and supergoop.com and © Aleshyn_Andrei/Shutterstock


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