5 Simple Tests to Determine Your Hair Type So You Can Treat It Right

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Admit it: You're probably guilty of grabbing that deep conditioning treatment at the drugstore, even if you're not totally sure that your hair is dry. And maybe you've always had thick hair, so you're sticking to the same old sprays and mousses, even though they're hit or miss.


"Hair typically changes every four to six years," says L.A.-based celebrity hair stylist Mitch Stone. "Hormones, stress, and aging are the most common causes for changes to your hair texture and quality. Often, it gets more or less curly, more or less thick." In other words, your hair may not actually be the type you thought it was at all!

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Although Stone notes that you can go to a local cosmetology school to analyze your hair type and elasticity with a special machine, it's also possible to do several "tests" yourself to determine details about your tresses. Here, five ways to figure out what your hair type really is, so you can style it accordingly.

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