12 Excellent Sheet Masks for Glowing, Healthy Skin on the Quick

Often referred to as "the lazy girl's facial," sheet masks are yet another awesome beauty trend originating in South Korea and making a big splash here in the States. They've been available for a little while now, but I've only just started getting into them, and you should, too!


For one thing, sheet masks are, for the most part, very affordable. Ranging from about $2 to $17 each, they really average at $4 to $5 each, so that means you can try different ones without a huge investment.

Then, there's the great "no brainer" aspect ...

They're so easy to use! Essentially, they're made from, yep, a sheet of fabric or material that's been drenched in a serum. They're individually wrapped, so you've got a fresh, clean facial every time. Of course, there are a ton of different options, many of which focus on different skin issues (from anti-aging to pore minimizing), but as a rule, they're all really great for hydration.

Depending on the instructions, you leave them on for 10-30 minutes. Don't forget to squeeze out any excess serum in th package and use it on your neck or chest! Here are some great options to try for starters. Have you ever tried a sheet mask?

Image (c) Dr. Jart+ for Richard Chai