Women Share the Style Splurges That Are Always Worth the Cash

woman buying cute dressDeciding how you're going to spend your hard-earned cash is no easy feat. But we all have our personalized short list of style items or services (like the tailor -- are you with me, petite ladies!?) that we're positive are worth plunking down our dollars for. Whether you're investing in what you'll wear to a job interview, on a date night, or to the gym, the right, comfortable, and impression-making ensemble could make or break it all. So, no wonder we're willing to spend!


Here, 16 women share the fashion must-haves they'll pay up for, because they're just that worth it.

1. "My $42 bikini bottoms that feel amazing and hug my butt just right." -- Danielle E., Wahiawa, Hawaii

2. "I'll splurge on good shoes and cashmere, but I'll make do with just a few items and wear them over and over again. " -- Adriana V., Brooklyn, New York

3. "Buying jeans is really hard, and so, when I find a pair of jeans that fit well, [are a] great length, and make me feel like a rock star, I buy like FIVE pairs at a time -- simply because I'm afraid that they'll get discontinued, and I'll have to start the process of browsing, trying on, and crying in the dressing room all over again." -- Leah L., Colorado Springs, Colorado

4. "I will (and sadly, have to) spend big money on supportive, comfortable bras that fit well." -- Erica M., Forest Hills, New York

5. "I buy expensive flip flops, because I think having flip flops with arch support is 100 percent worth it. I have no qualms about going $50 or more on a pair of really nice ones. I have bought two different pairs of Clarks over the years -- I adore them! Not only are they better for my feet than a $1 pair, but they also last several summers unlike the other kind. They also 'dress up' more easily than a cheap pair. I can wear 'em with a skirt to a summer wedding (the more casual type, of course)." -- Jeanne S., Calicoon Center, New York

6. "I think a go-to blazer that makes you look awesome and can be worn in the office and to a night out (usually black) is something that is totally worth splurging on." -- Morgan F., Los Angeles, California

7. "A good minimizer bra is worth its price for sure. Can cost as much as $68 for a Wacoal, but sweaters, blouses, dresses fit so much better, and you will look 10 pounds lighter!" -- Sheryl F., Fair Lawn, New Jersey

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8. "A beautiful scarf. I have a hand-dyed silk one from Thailand that instantly dresses up any outfit, plus it's warm because it's silk!" -- Jennifer J., Brooklyn, New York

9. "Sneakers!" -- Jeanne P., Midland Park, New Jersey

10. "Good, quality activewear. As a work-from-home mom, a lot of times, the only moments I really leave the house are to work out or run errands/pick up the kids. If I'm going to be in workout wear -- I want it to be cute. At least then I feel like I tried!" -- Kelly K., Los Angeles, California

11. "Sunglasses -- they are always on my head/face." -- Julie E., Orlando, Florida

12. "I used to splurge on Coach pocketbooks, [so] I will always have a beautiful purse, because Coach lasts forever, if taken care of right! I have three pocketbooks that are over 15 years old!" -- Tina C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

13. "Designer heels? Yes! They are worth it. No more Target heels for me." -- Samantha F., Los Angeles, California 

14. "Cute flats. [With] designer jeans, always a winning combo." -- Ericka S., Manhattan, New York

15. "If you're getting all fancy for an event, Rent the Runway has dresses, accessories, purses, etc." -- Colleen K., Chicago, Illinois

16. "Lingerie. I have spent over [$1500] on items and pampering for a new date." -- Angela W., Bristol, United Kingdom

What are the style purchases you swear are worth every penny?


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