15 Fashion Mistakes Moms Should Stop Making (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Apr 29, 2015 Beauty & Style
15 Fashion Mistakes Moms Should Stop Making (PHOTOS)

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Sometimes being stylish is about knowing what to avoid just as much as it's about being aware of what looks great. If you feel like your image needs an overhaul or you wish you were a bit more comfortable in your clothing, you might be making a simple mistake that's rendering your look less flattering than it could be. 

We're not suggesting you revamp your whole wardrobe, but you may want to consider skipping some looks that aren't paying you any compliments. 

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Personal stylist Elaine Wang Yu of Simply Chic Styling breaks down the common fashion missteps that could be hurting your image. Take a look and see if you're guilty of any of these easily-remedied faux pas!

What styles do you consider unflattering and try to avoid? 

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  • Don't Shop Your Daughter's Closet


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    As tempting as it might be, don't shop your daughter's closet, advises Wang Yu. "Try not to share clothes with your high school daughter. Even if you are the same weight and same size, her body is different from yours. We've been pregnant. Our bodies have changed," she notes.

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  • Skip the Crew Neck


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    Avoid crew neck tees, says Wang Yu. "Crew neck t-shirts are rarely flattering on anybody," the stylist notes. "Look for a scoop or a V-neck instead." 

    It's so true. Don't you feel awfully boxy in a crew neck? Scoops and v-necks can really highlight your shoulders, neck, and collarbones, adding a bit more femininity.

  • Avoid the Overly Formal


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    Don't wear pieces that are too fussy, says Wang Yu. "High-collared ruffles, clothes that make you uncomfortable, pieces that you have to tuck in or shift around every time you sit and stand up -- all of these things are fussy and don't project the right confident image," she says. "Instead, wear something that reflects your personality and feels comfortable."


  • Don't Wait to Hit the Ideal Weight


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    "Avoid waiting for the future to wear a great fitting outfit," Wang Yu advises. "Love your body now. Don't wait to lose five pounds."

    So wise! How many times do we wear the same old things and tell ourselves we only deserve an upgrade when we drop a little weight? Enjoying the shape you're in today is great advice and that confidence will no doubt shine through.

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  • Leggings Are Not Pants


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    Don't wear leggings as pants, Yu suggests. "Unless you pair them with a tunic, understand that leggings are not pants! Our bodies need better construction," she says.

    It's true. It's hard not to have a bulge here or a bump there and, let's be honest, leggings can be pretty unforgiving! 'Nuff said.

  • Don't Overspend on Trends


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    "It's great to test out the season's hottest trends but don't spend a ton of money on those pieces," Wang Yu advises. "Stores like Zara, Old Navy and Forever 21 are perfect for adding a few trendy items to your wardrobe."

    This is so important if you're on a budget. 

  • Steer Clear of Metal Hangars


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    Remember that line from Mommy Dearest, "No wire hangers!"? It turns out Joan Crawford may have been on to something!

    "Avoid leaving your clothes on dry cleaning hangers," Wang Yu says. "Those metal hangers are terrible for your clothes and will cause your pieces to become misshapen. Buy good quality hangers like Real Simple's slimline velvet hangers available at Bed, Bath & Beyond."

  • Don't Get Caught Without the Classics


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    "Avoid having to scramble at the last minute - always have a reliable Little Black Dress in your wardrobe," says Wang Yu. "The LBD is a closet staple and can bail you out of many situations. Wear your LBD with a cardigan and pumps for work. Add a statement necklace and a pair of sexy heels for a cocktail party. Every closet needs a LBD. And if you're feeling adventurous, try a Little Black Jumpsuit!"
  • Visible Panty & Thong Lines


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    No one wants to have those tell-tale unsightly panty lines, so opting for a thong seems like a no-brainer. But stylists caution that you also have to be careful not to show the world -- or playgroup -- your thong lines, especially when you're bending over! 

  • Don't Overlook the Importance of Organization


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    Don't organize your closet by color, instead organize by function, the founder of Simply Chic Styling tells her clients. "Think of your lifestyle and group like pieces together -- work, everyday, date night, cocktail parties, church."

    Makes perfect sense to us! What a time saver!

  • Don't Follow to 'Old School Rules'


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    "Don't be a prisoner to 'old school fashion rules,'" Wang Yu says. "Wear white all year round! And definitely combine navy with black - it's considered chic!"

  • Avoid the Sale Rack


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    "Saving money is great but don't buy something just because you're getting a great deal on something," advises Wang Yu. "I've seen closets full of 'great deals' with the tags still hanging on all the pieces. If you never wear it, it's not such a great deal!"

    Excellent point! It's no bargain if it's just going to take up valuable space.

  • Don't Keep Buying the Same Thing Over & Over Again


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    More isn't necessarily better when it comes to purchasing. "Shopping is similar to going to the grocery store," the stylist says. "We tend to buy the same thing over and over again without even realizing it. Then all of a sudden one day we realize that there are 15 black turtlenecks in our wardrobe!" 

    Uh-oh! We are so guilty of this!

  • Get Out of the Workout Wear!


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    Don't wear yoga pants all day long. "It's so easy for moms to wear their workout gear from school drop off to school pick up," says Wang Yu, an avid marathon runner. "Yoga pants are great -- for yoga! Us mom are always in a rush to get a million errands done while the kids are in school. I have three kids -- I get it! But please, change out of those yoga pants! You'll feel better trust me."

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  • Don't Rely on Your Memory -- Take a Selfie


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    After you've finally put together an ensemble that makes you feel fabulous, don't forget to take pictures, the stylist advises. "When you've created an outfit that you love, snap a selfie so you can reference the outfit. Be sure to include shoes and accessories so recreating the outfit is easy."

    Great advice! Trusting yourself to remember the pieces that pulled it all together -- right down to the perfect undergarments -- is too risky!

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