5 Fashion Trends That Are Hot & 5 That Are So Not (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Apr 29, 2015 Beauty & Style

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Before you go shopping to update your spring and summer wardrobe, you may want to check this out. Google has just revealed which fashion trends everyone's searching for -- and which trends are on their way out.

We've boiled down the Google report into the most popular styles we think moms may be looking for -- and the ones we're all too happy to see die.

Have you been searching for any of these trends, too?


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  • In: Tulle Skirts


    Image via etsy.com

    Tulle skirts have been steadily gaining in popularity, especially in black and in white, like this Kellie Falconer Tulle Skirt in Retro Off White ($80, etsy.com). But we aren't just looking for skirts to buy -- we're looking for instructions on making our own.

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  • Out: Peplum Dresses


    Image via nordstrom.com

    At last, our long national nightmare of peplum dresses, like this Nue by Snani Lasercut Faux Leather Peplum Dress, is over ($308, nordstrom.com). I never liked that unflattering ruff around that hips, even if it did seem to narrow the waist.

  • In: Midi Skirt


    Image via forever21.com

    Another favorite skirt on the rise is the midi, a skirt that hits about mid-calf. All kinds of shapes and fabrics are showing up, but sequins and leather are especially popular, like this Faux Leather Midi Pencil Skirt ($28, forever21.com). Additionally, women are looking for ideas on how to style the skirt length.

  • Out: Scarf Vest


    Image via avenuek.com

    Scarf vests are fading into the sunset. There were loads of tutorials on how to tie and wrap scarves to wear them as a vest. But you can also buy actual scarf vests, like this Michael by Michael Kors Flyaway Draping Lightweight Woven Scarf Vest ($154, avenuek.com).


  • In: High-Waisted Bikini


    Image via asos.com

    The cute, retro-style swimwear made famous by the likes of Taylor Swift is going strong this summer. Women are loving these high-waist briefs like this Pour Moi Flamenco Control High Waist Bikini Bottom in Floral ($40, asos.com).


  • Out: String Bikini


    Image via jcrew.com

    Apparently we're giving up on string bikinis, for this summer at least. However, you can still pick up a classic String Bikini in Neon Pink and other colors ($40-44, jcrew.com). They may not be as trendy this year, but I think they'll be showing up on the shore, same as always.

  • In: Boyfriend Jeans


    Image via gap.com

    It's all we've been hearing lately -- the new IT jeans are boyfriend jeans. This year's version isn't as baggy and sloppy as they've been in years past, though. They're still more fitted. These 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans ($70, gap.com) pretty much nail the look.

  • Out: Skinny Jeans


    Image via hm.com

    I've been hearing it for a couple years now, but I'm finally starting to believe it: Skinnies are over. Farewell, Skinny Jeans in Dark Denim Blue ($40, hm.com).


  • In: Jogger Pants


    Image via amazon.com

    Not only are jogger pants trending for everyone -- men, women, and children -- so is anything with an emoji print. These Voglee Emoji Sweatpants Joggers ($8-40, amazon.com) are a testament to the old adage that there's no accounting for bad taste. Other disturbing trends: Waist-trianers, rompers, and ugly sweaters, though I suspect people are mostly searching for that last one for the humor, not for shopping or styling tips.

  • Out: Normcore


    Image via Barneys.com

    But at least we're finally done with Normcore, that non-style style that none of us could ever work up any enthusiasm for this past fall and winter. So much for this T by Alexander Wang Fleece Jacket ($460, barneys.com).


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