Plus-Size Clothes Aren't Doing Women Any Favors

woman in dressing room Ever try on a dress, bathing suit, or pair of jeans that looks so awesome online but turned out to to be an utter disappointment? If you're a human being and a woman, your answer is obviously "YES, far too many times!" And if you're a plus-size woman, your answer is, "You have to be kidding me."


Plus-size styles may look flawless on models, but as it turns out, when plus-size women try them on, it's quite possible the garments don't fit and flatter nearly as well as one would hope. Buzzfeed recently illustrated exactly this dilemma in a now-viral story that compares what plus-size clothes look like on models vs. on two plus-size women -- Sheridan and Kristin, who are 5'11" and 5'3" respectively. The result: Pretty darn damning!

Both women were subject to a bevy of fashion disasters, from ill-fitting cuts to materials that are just not flattering at all. For plus-size women -- or anyone, actually.

And that's the point. Because of a limited marketplace, plus-size women have a more challenging time finding clothes they love, period, but add to that the fact that no matter what size you are, stores and sites are jam-packed with garments that don't seem to have been designed with most women's bodies in mind.

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For instance, who -- except the very flat-stomached among us! -- can really pull off bodycon dresses made in a fabric that does nothing to hide your belly button let alone every bump and ripple?

How many other petite ladies out there are constantly disappointed with their selection at most stores, which is usually relegated to a tiny corner and usually features clothes that cater to shorter and very slim women. Butts like Kim K. and Nicki Minaj's may be so hot right now, but good freakin' luck trying to find clothes if you're curvy and petite like them!

And women with breasts and/or hips are constantly frustrated that they have to buy baggy clothes or pants or else make their tailor their BFF, because they may be a size 16 in the waist or torso, but because of their lovely lady assets, they're now a 1X. Argh.

Meanwhile, not only are we on a constant hunt to find the rare items that actually fit us properly, but we have to deal with advertisers deceiving us by only using models with "perfect" proportions -- no matter the size. Think about it: When's the last time you saw a model with a mummy tummy? (You know, other than the ones in maternity wear.) Or with back fat or big thighs? Even plus-size models have relatively small waists, have their breasts taped for photo shoots, and likely have the great privilege of seeing any puckering or gaping of cheapo-crapo material magically Photoshopped away.

It's enough to make you stick to yoga pants and that reliable ol' hoodie you've had since college! Hrmph. But we definitely deserve better and more of it, ladies. Let's not call this a plus-size problem, because it's really an issue we're all suffering from! We're facing an epidemic of unflattering, ill-fitting fashion, and it must stop.

Clothing designers who are hell-bent on creating clothes that only look good on paper and dress forms need to start bearing in mind what looks wonderful on women of ALL sizes. Because this idea that we need to alter ourselves to fit into their ridiculous clothes instead of the other way around is a headache none of us need.

What's your biggest challenge when it comes to finding clothes that fit and flatter your shape, height, size?

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