Grandma Gets Big Surprise When Granddaughter Honors Her With a Tattoo (WATCH)

tattoo grandmother One woman found a unique and amazing way to pay tribute to one of her favorite ladies in her life -- her grandmother. Jessica Carey wanted to surprise her beloved nana, Patty Lawing, with more than just a visit to her Washington home so she had her husband, tattoo artist Aaron Carey, recreate a childhood portrait of her grandmother on her forearm. Needless to say, Nana was beyond excited!


Even if you're not a tattoo fan, you can't help but be moved by Jessica's words:

Nana is one of my favorite people in the world. I had my husband tattoo a portrait of her on my forearm and then drove up the four hours to surprise her. Not only did I surprise her with a visit with my kids, but I also showed her how I chose to immortalize her. Her reaction is priceless.

Look at how moved this grandmother is by the creative homage: 

Now check it out up close: 

tattoo grandmother

Carey really seems to have captured the light in Patty's face. Amazing. If this lady has any other grandkids they're seriously going to have to step up their game. Flowers may look pretty insignificant next to that replica. We're kidding, of course. 

It'll be nice as years pass for Jessica to always have her grandmother with her both in memory and through this work of art.

Would consider getting a tattoo of a loved one's face? 

Images ©IrenePearcey/shutterstock & via WorldWideNews/YouTube & tattoosbyaaroncarey/Facebook

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