16 Types of Lilly Pulitzer Mania Shoppers -- Which One Are You? (PHOTOS)

lyn johnson lilly pulitzer targetDubbed Pink Sunday, Lilly Pulitzer's collaboration with Target will go down in fashionista history as one MASSIVE shopping event. But given that the online launch was a technical disaster and most stores sold out of everything except a lone hammock stand in a matter of minutes, the question of whether or not the fiasco was a wild success or failure is a contentious matter of debate for many today.


But no matter how you participated in the colorful craziness -- following the madness from the comfort of your own home via social media or while staring with disbelief at an ravaged clothing rack at 8:01 a.m. yesterday -- you may have encountered (or even be!) one of these 16 Lilly for Target shoppers.

1. The one who drank way too much coffee to stay up and stalk the website, but found herself overtired and irate by 3 a.m. when the site still wasn't shoppable! (Do you expect us to have both NO sleep and NO Lilly, Target?!)

2. The one who got to Target at 11 p.m. on Saturday night to camp out, wearing a Lilly shift and pineapple sandals, of course. 

3. The millennial who foiled everyone by somehow snagging her Lilly loot via some kinda Twitter/mobile magic ...?!

4. The mom who waited in a mile-long line with her kiddo in tow and beelined right to the kids' section to score the perfect bikini for her tot! (You brave woman, you!)

5. The one who got to the store at 8:03 a.m. only to find there was nothing to do but Instagram a photo of a totally empty rack. #wompwomp

6. The one who got to the store at 8:10 a.m. and declared her misfortune "the biggest disappointment of my life so far." (Yes, it is a hard knock life, honey.)

7. The one who called her local store at 10 a.m. today to see what was left. You crack us up, you silly goose!

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8. The one who stalked the site, couldn't get anywhere at her local store, and is now belligerently throwing her credit card around on other brightly colored sundresses online.

9. The one who is actually stalking that one shift dress on eBay and is willing to pay hundreds for it, if only she could find it in her size!!!

10. The one who made out like a bandit with a scarf, a dress, a bathing suit for her kid, and a bag -- but is still craving MORE.

11. The one who is writing an angry letter to Target as we speak, because WTH do they mean they're not going to restock?! This is how they do business with beach-loving ladies willing to spend their hard-earned cashola? Let's all boycott!

12. The one who showed up to the store at 7:45 a.m. and whose jaw dropped when she saw the crazy-ass line wrapped around the parking lot, decided that she's just not a competitive, Black Friday-type person, got back in her car, and went home. No embroidered clutch or charm bracelet is worth that insanity thankyouverymuch.

13. The one who plotted her Lilly mission like a military battle plan and now, has a very brightly decorated home and wardrobe to show for it.

14. The city chick who somehow got in on the pop-up shop action at Bryant Park on Thursday and actually had no clue what the rest of the darn country went through on Sunday! Ugh!

15. The one says she feels "victimized" by Target and will NEVER shop a designer collab again. (That is until Kate Spade gets in on the action, right?)


16. The one who is just giggling about it and retweeting memes of empty racks.

Which one are you? Or how would you describe your #LillyforTarget experience?

Image via LynSJohnson/Instagram

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