Dakota Johnson Chops Off Her Hair -- What Will Christian Grey Think? (PHOTO)

Oh my goodness—yet another celeb has ditched her long hair, but we aren't sure how we feel about this one. Dakota Johnson has chopped off her below-the-shoulder length brown hair, which is one of Anastasia Steele's beauty trademarks, for a blunt, very Parisian bob cut.


The actress shed about five to six inches from her long hair, but kept her bangs short and sweet. Here's how she looks now:

WOW. I'm a huge fan of the one-length bob, especially when it features chic bangs. This haircut highlights Dakota's pretty face and features and draws even more attention to her fashion choices. It makes her look more sophisticated, even taller, I'd argue.

But it does not make her look like Anastasia Steele, which begs the question: what the heck?!

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We've heard all kinds of rumors about how the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel—Fifty Shades Darker—will begin filming sooner rather than later. We know Dakota is enjoying a much-deserved break at the moment after traveling and going hard to promote Fifty Shades, but it won't be long before she and Jamie Dornan reprise their roles as Ana and Christian Grey.

Since movie producers and directors aren't known for taking kindly to stars changing their appearances before filming, we're going to assume Dakota got permission to cut her hair. Or, maybe, Ana will have short hair in the sequel to signify the character coming into her own with a new career and new-found independence and sense of self?

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Then again, given the fact that Dakota is something of a hair chameleon, it's totally possible she was just bored with her 'do and craved a change.

Dakota is a natural blonde who has experimented with various shades of brunette, and even red. This is the first time we've really seen her with an honest-to-goodness short cut, but I think it suits her. And change is a good thing, both for Dakota and Anastasia.

What do you think about Dakota's haircut? Do you think Anastasia Steele should have short hair in Fifty Shades Darker?


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