Nail Polish Remover Mistake ​Leads to House Fire & Woman's Severe 3rd-Degree Burns

nail polish remover house fireA Texas woman was enjoying a quiet night at home when she experienced a sudden and horrifying disaster that started as a result of a ill-placed beauty product. The 20-year-old unidentified woman inadvertently left an open bottle of flammable nail polish remover near a lit candle, sparking a flash fire that has left her with third degree burns on 50 percent of her body.  


Thankfully the woman was able to escape and call for help. Firefighters said the nail polish remover created a vapor cloud that was ignited by the flame from the candle. And while it seems extremely rare, firefighters said they have seen flash-fires occur as a result of flammable substances left near candles.

In fact, the Bellaire, Texas Fire Department demonstrated on video that it took less than two minutes for nail polish remover left in an enclosed space with a candle to start a fire. 

Bellaire Firefighter Curtis Thompson explains: 

It was surprising. I did not expect it to ignite as fast as it did. It's an everyday use chemical that I'm sure everyone is not aware it can ignite as fast as it did.

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What's frightening is that the two never even have to combine for a fire to start. It's particularly scary for busy moms who might not even think twice about putting down a bottle of nail polish remover near a candle and then getting distracted and moving on to do something else. Even non-acetone remover is said to be flammable so a better bet might be to find a non-flammable product. 

We hope this young woman will make a full recovery and this will definitely make us think twice before leaving that liquid uncapped! 

Were you aware of the dangers of nail polish remover? 

Image ©pzAxe/shutterstock

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