Blake Lively Proves Boyfriend Jeans Are the New Mom Jeans (PHOTOS)

blake lively cherry blossom jeans

Here's one more reason to be happy spring is here: Blake Lively's floral boyfriend jeans. She modeled them yesterday along with a white t-shirt and pink overcoat and posted the pic on Instagram with this caption: "Benefits of boyfriend jeans #72: They fit even after having a baby."


Aww, we love it: Boyfriend jeans are the new mom jeans. Comfy but not dorky, roomy in all the right places, but still utterly feminine -- especially with those bunches of cherry blossoms.

Here they are via Preserve's Instagram:

I remember when floral jeans were last trendy. I was about 12, and it was all about cabbage rose-printed cropped skinnies for about a year. But these floral jeans are much cooler, not to mention more comfortable looking.

Naturally, Lively is selling the cherry blossom boyfriend jeans on her website Preserve for the low, low price of $495. Oh Lively, you jokester, you! You're kidding about that price, right? NO?!?

Okay, so never mind about buying the jeans.

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You know what? I know how to draw, or at least trace. I suggest we all paint our own dang cherry blossom boyfriend jeans. Here's how.

1. Steal a pair of your significant other's jeans, a worn-out pair he probably still loves but which you both know he needs to let go.

2. Buy him a new pair of jeans that actually fit his body. Some of us want to see that ass.

3. Google "cherry blossoms."

4. Get out some fabric paints and do your darned best to reproduce them to about the same scale Lively's artisan did.

5. Wear them out and about and enjoy paying your mortgage or rent on time, thanks to the restraint you just exercised in not buying those Preserve jeans.

Yeah, I don't have time to do all that, either. But I still think it would be a fun project. Someone needs to come up with a mass market version of these jeans, stat!

Would you wear floral-printed boyfriend jeans?


Image via Blake Lively/Instagram

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