Heidi Klum's No-Makeup Selfie Makes Her Look Immortal (PHOTOS)

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If you're looking for evidence that Heidi Klum is not human but is in fact an immortal Valkyrie, look no further. The supermodel just posted a no-makeup selfie that's even more stunning than the "after" full makeup photo she posted immediately after.


Well, maybe we should start calling them not-much-makeup selfies. But still -- Klum has ridiculously youthful skin for a 41-year-old. I see no evidence of the kind of sagging that four kids and two divorces can give you.

before �

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With her wet hair just combed back, she's still stunning, but in that more ordinary "Rich Mom at Whole Foods" kind of way. You know the one, that woman who manages to look pristine in yoga pants (which she is wearing every time you see her), has a bajillion super-athletic kids, and still makes you feel like a short little frizzy-haired goblin every time you run into her. And you're like, "Why can't I be more like her?" And the answer is: Because you're not a five-foot-nine German Valkyrie with a limitless dermatology budget. That's why.

Where was I?

Oh yes, and here's Klum after the glam hurricane whips up her hair.

after � @lindahaymakeup @brentlawler

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Like I said, I prefer her less-made-up look. But wouldn't it be fantastic if you had an excuse for going out looking this way? I mean, it's not like you can walk into Olive Garden on date night looking with that hair.

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But what this really makes me think about is how cool it is that we have the options to do either -- okay, maybe not exactly the way Heidi Klum does. But this, to me, is one of the fun aspects of being female. You get to take on these completely different personas just by changing your hair and makeup and clothes.

Is there a dramatic difference between the way you look at the grocery store and the way you look when you make yourself up for a night out, or do you pretty much do the same look for both?


Image via Heidi Klum/Instagram

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