Woman Sues Tattoo Parlor After Massive Chest Ink Leaves Her 'Disfigured' (VIDEO)​

tattooIt almost hurts to read about this story of a tattoo gone horribly wrong. A woman is suing Harlem tattoo parlor Black Ink Crew for work she says has disfigured her. She expected better from a parlor with its own reality TV program.


Yup, that's right -- Black Ink Crew is a show on VH1. The parlor specializes in tattoos for African American skin. You'd think such a high-profile shop would be scrupulous about doing its most pristine work for clients. But if Asabi Barner's allegations are true, it looks like someone may have been careless.

Barner traveled all the way from her home in South Carolina to replace two tattoos she regretted getting when she was 18, a horseshoe and a unicorn. At first, she was pleased with her replacement tattoo, which covers much of her chest.

But instead of healing the tattoo seems to have caused terrible skin problems, Barner's lawsuit alleges. She complains that one area of her left breast has oozed pus. She has keloids and raised areas. It burns and itches. And one year later she reports she is still soothing the pain with ice packs at night.

The tattoo has also affected Barner's sex life as well. “In the intimate moments it creates a problem because you don’t have that confidence," she told PIX-11. "I wasn’t overly confident before, but I felt good about myself. Felt good about my body, but it just changes you.”

A tattoo artist in South Carolina has told Barner her tattoo is "overworked," and plastic surgeons says surgery will only make it worse. 

Meanwhile, Black Ink is closed and won't respond to press queries.

Just going by the video, Barner's tattoo issues do look like they could be painful -- you can see the raised skin clearly. And in such a sensitive area! That's even worse. Was it negligence on the part of Black Ink, or was it something else? We'll have to wait and see how the lawsuit turns up. But we hope Barner gets some kind of relief soon.

Have you ever seen a tattoo become infected or cause other problems?


Image via Todar Rusinov/Shutterstock


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