Janelle Monáe's Response to Man Who Hates Her Suits Is the Best Thing You'll Hear All Day

Any woman who has walked down the street and been told by a man that she's way too pretty for her "b***h" face (often spotted on women who are deep in thought) and should "smile," will appreciate what singer Janelle Monáe has just done for ALL ladies. Janelle is known for her trademark, cool-as-hell style, which often includes sharp tuxedos and suits. When one man took issue with her androgynous look, she totally shut him down.


So here's the deal: A man who goes by the Twitter handle "mellow_saa" thinks Janelle is one fine lady, which, of course, is true. But instead of leaving a sweet message about her appearance—or, hey, better yet, how about a message about her talent and creativity?—he took things one step further and decided to dole out fashion advice.

Bad call, "mellow_saa." You pretty much got schooled by Janelle:

Cue slow clap building to raucous applause. Janelle needn't go into detail about the annoying underlying message of this man's post—which, in a nutshell, is that women's fashion choices should be made with the male gaze in mind. In five words, she made it clear that she dresses to please herself. Move on.

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As much as I can appreciate Jennifer Lopez stunning the world into a state of silent bliss every time she appears in public wearing a low-cut dress, so many fantastic and interesting looks that we see on celebs like Kristen Stewart and on the runways are styles most men probably wouldn't understand or find sexy. And who gives a damn? Fashion doesn't always have to be flirty—it can simply be fun, make an artistic statement, or call to mind a past decade.

Cropped flare pants with platform shoes? Men will shake their heads. Add rompers, jumpsuits, and Ugg boots to the "huh?" list. And, of course, if you want to leave a man truly baffled and bewildered, meet him for a date sporting anything ever worn by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. A T-shirt and ball gown skirt? He'll think you've lost your marbles.

For those of us who choose not to dress solely for men, we salute you, Janelle.

What do you think about Janelle's response to this man's suggestion that she stop wearing so many suits?


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