Forget Breast Milk Facials -- the Fountain of Youth Is a Baby's Foreskin!

facial treatmentIn a fountain of youth-obsessed world, Botox and fillers have become more and more ubiquitous ways we try to slow time down as it does its typical thing, marching across our faces and leaving wrinkles and lines! But why be satisfied with the usual suspects when there are other potentially even more effective and amazing ways to look younger? Like a treatment made with a baby's foreskin? Oh, yes, you read that right.

Advertisement writer Ashley Weatherford recently shared her experience going to her Manhattan dermatologist and getting the HydraFacial, a multistep treatment that promises to erase wrinkles, reverse sun damage, lighten dark spots, and prevent acne. Sounds pretty run-of-the-mill, right? Until you learn that the benefits are all thanks to the stem cells from an infant's foreskin.

The scoop: As you can imagine, an infant's skin is in pretty much the best shape human skin can ever be in. The cells secrete proteins known as growth factors that keep cells healthy and stimulate them to divide. But aging causes cells to divide more slowly, so that's when we start seeing wrinkles, less firm skin, dullness, everything we dread as we age and we're constantly trying to rectify with this cream or that procedure. So experts explain how growth factors in donated foreskin of a baby can trigger rapid cell turnover when applied to the face topically. Pretty wild! And in a positive way, I'd say.

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The Hydrafacial sounds like a really amazing way to put something with a lot of power to use! Sure, if you think about it for too long, it may creep you out. But the foreskin's donated. Also, what good will it do being disposed of anyway? Isn't it sort of a shame to let it go to waste when its stem cells are so damn useful? And being that we use plenty of other eyebrow-raising ingredients in our skincare -- from breast milk to bee venom -- this really isn't all that shocking.

What's more, while a lot of cutting edge beauty ingredients may not live up to their ginormous claims, it sounds like the Hydrafacial actually ... does. According to Weatherford, despite feeling a little "like a Disney evil queen, draining youth from a newborn for a few weeks of a restored complexion," the treatment was no joke. She writes:

My skin glows in a way that I thought only Jennifer Lopez could glow. Fresh from the facial, I saunter into a photo shoot wearing no makeup because my confidence is at Beyoncé levels.

Wow. Does it get much better than THAT? I don't know about you, ladies, but sign me up!

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