Fran Drescher's Gorgeous Makeup-Free Selfie Is 57 Years of Inspiring (PHOTO)

fran drescherFran Drescher is known for her accent, her comedy, and being a cancer survivor. She's fantastic. The 57-year-old is a beautiful woman, and while she's not someone I would expect to take makeup free selfies, I am so glad she did. Feast your eyes on Fran totally natural.


This makes me want to reach for my makeup remover. Look at her! Pure beauty. And she's sick! Doesn't she look a little like Evangeline Lilly, aka Kate from Lost? Doesn't she look to be about 20 years younger than she is?! Isn't that pup also so adorable?!

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I love makeup. I am not going to completely toss out my precious lip tint, my beloved black liner, and my cherished mascara, but seeing Fran without a blot of makeup on does make me think. We really do look younger when we don't paint our faces. Sometimes, of course. I'm all for pick-me-ups and fun winged out liner. But a fresh face really is refreshing. Even though Fran is sick, she looks rested, she's got a natural glow that you just can't achieve with makeup. I think when we wear makeup all the time, we just get so used to the look that when we are without it, we feel ... strange ... different ... not ourselves. When in reality, we are ourselves without makeup.

Fifty-seven-year-old Fran is inspiring. It's too late for me to go makeup free today, but maybe I will tomorrow. Thanks, Fran, for showing your pure beauty.

Isn't Fran gorgeous without makeup? Does she inspire you to go makeup free as well?


Image via Splash News

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