Women Share the Beauty Buys That Are Always Worth the Splurge

woman trying on lipstick in storeIf you're picky about how you spend your hard-earned dough, you're not alone. We all have budgets to stick to, but we also all have those purchases that we're not at all ashamed to splurge on -- especially when it comes to our beauty arsenals. Those items or services that make us feel amazing, could be classified as an investment (saving money in the long-haul!), or are simply what works for us.


Here, 21 women share the beauty must-haves they'll lay down their cash for, because they're just that worth it.

1. "Getting my eyebrows done! Didn't think I needed them shaped until I started going again. Worth every penny if you find someone who knows what they're doing." -- Danielle H., Fair Lawn, New Jersey

2. "Botox (for my forehead) -- worth its weight in gold." -- Catherine C.,  Cambridge, Massachusetts

3. "Massage -- rarely, but I should more! It's an hour or more of complete ME time that makes me feel pampered and has a residual effect through the day, and even though my boyfriend is sweet enough to give me a full body massage now and then, I don't expect him to go for an hour plus! And I want at least 90 minutes. People need touch, and paying for it is A-OK." -- Emmie B., Portland, Oregon

4. "I've only done this once, but it was definitely a splurge -- eyelash extensions! I got them before the birth of my second, and man, was it worth it. I looked so well-rested despite sleeping an hour or two each night." -- Nicole W., Brooklyn, New York

5 "I'm a Lancôme girl, from facial products to makeup to perfume." -- Linda L., Davie, Florida

6. "Ole Henricksen skincare products." -- Jeanne P., Midland Park, New Jersey

7. "Sunscreen that I can wear every day. I just splurged on a brush-on mineral powder sunscreen (because I despise the feeling of actual sunscreen on my skin). Worth every penny." -- Lauren W., Stanford, California

8. "Highlights, because they're so time-consuming to do at home." -- Jennifer L., Baltimore, Maryland

9. "I definitely insist on getting an expensive haircut ever since I got a cheap one like 15 years ago that almost killed me it was so bad. I had never been so eager for my hair to grow back in. So, now, I won't be cheap when it comes to haircuts and have been with the same woman ever since that bad haircut." -- Kiri B., Brooklyn, New York

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10. "Brazilian wax. So worth it!" -- Johanna F., Queens, New York

11. "I love the company I use for waxings. It sounds crazy, but it's very relaxing to go and get waxed, and I always feel better afterwards!" -- Angela H., Missouri City, Texas

12. "Pedicures -- they are relaxing, give me time to myself, and my toes look cute for at least a month!" -- Caitlin D., Lake Wylie, South Carolina

13. "The extra 10-minute foot massage with a pedicure." -- Caitlin F., Midland Park, New Jersey

14. "Lipstick!" -- Jill W., Minneapolis, Minnesota

15. "I use fancy shampoo and conditioner and also, high-end makeup. Using good hair products lets me go three days inbetween washes, and the makeup I use doesn't irritate my skin or make me break out. Worth every cent!" -- Mary F., Ellington, Connecticut

16. "Laser hair removal. It is a wise investment, because not only do you feel less self-concious, but you don't have to run to get threaded or waxed as often!" -- Sylvie L., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

17. "I splurge on face wash, acne gel, and face lotion by B. Kamins, and they are the only products that really work for my skin. I've tried others in an attempt to save money, but I always come back because nothing works as well for me, and it's worth it for me to have good skin." -- Michele Z., New Paltz, New York

18. "I'm in love with my hairbrush, Fingerbrush by Olivia Garden. Best vented brush. When you have thick and wavy hair, investing in a good hairbrush is a must. It helps set the style I want for the day, and it gives me a quick head massage when I can't make it to the spa! My Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer gives me some coverage without being weighed down. I had a professional match me with the right coverage and color, and it made all the difference! Also, a good dry shampoo -- I like Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. Best smell and doesn't leave you with a greasy, chalky mess." -- Colleen C., Chicago, Illinois

19. "Quality makeup brushes make all the difference. You can just feel it, they're softer, nicer on the skin, and last longer!" -- Suzee S., Manhattan, New York

20. "Gel manicures -- especially if you work in events or in a role that your nails get a beating, but you need to look very presentable! Yes, it can be $35-$40+, but your nails will 100 percent make it through the wear and tear of event and still look PERFECT, unlike regular manicures that are less but would chip quickly in an event situation! Gels let you work hard like a badass but still looks perfectly polished when its over!" -- Morgan F., Los Angeles, California

21. "Mascara! It's the only makeup I wear daily, and good mascara makes all the difference in the world!" -- Kelly O., Tinley Park, Illinois

What are the beauty purchases you swear are worth every penny?


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