Lauren Conrad's New Collection Proves Grown-Ups Can Dress Like Minnie Mouse, Too (PHOTOS)

lauren conrad minnie mouse kohl'sYou know Lauren Conrad, former Hills star, current fashion designer who has her own line at Kohl's. And you definitely know Minnie Mouse, who clearly needs no introduction. The two have paired up (okay, sure, it's really Disney on behalf of Minnie!) to create a Minnie Mouse-inspired fashion line for women. (Mouse ears not required.)


Priced from $40-$68, the collection will hit Kohl’s stores on May 10th, so that leaves lots of time to drool over the adorableness and pick your must-haves.

Just several of the most covetable, pretty looks ...

lauren conrad minnie mouse

See how it looks like polka dots on the '50s-inspired sleeveless blouse? (She almost looks like Betty Draper here, come to think of it ...) Well, they're actually little Minnies! Ah, too charming.

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lauren conrad minnie mouse dress

Know when you wear polka dots sometimes and worry it's too Minnie? Like, it belongs more on your daughter than on you? Yep, this dress totally manages to tow the perfect line between youthful/girly and sophisticiated.

lauren conrad minnie mouse tee

But if going lower key is more your cup of tea, this tee shirt -- complete with a pink bow, ah! -- does the trick.

lauren conrad minnie mouse shorts

This blouse and shorts combo is playful, preppy, and chic all at once, right?

Clearly, this is a collection that will appeal to a LOT of us -- no matter what our personal style. LC's on a roll! Can't wait to see what else we can snag from this whimsical collection.

Which of these looks is your fave?


Images via Kohl's

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