Amy Poehler's Dramatic New Hair Color Will Have You Doing a Double-Take (PHOTO)

amy poehler blondeFrom her days on SNL to Parks & Recreation, Amy Poehler has always been A.) hilarious, B.) Tina Fey's BFF, C.) a blonde, or D.) all of the above? Obviously, the answer is D. But wait, it's NOT anymore. No, no, she hasn't had a falling out with Tina! (Thank goodness!) But she has appeared to have undergone something of a makeover, and believe me when I say, you've never seen Amy like this before!


The 43-year-old celeb mama stepped out at the 60th Anniversary of Allen Ginsberg's Howl With Music, Words, and Funny People event on Tuesday and not only looked posh in a tailored black suit and natural makeup, but Amy also debuted her NEW HAIR COLOR. Yeah, check it out. She's gone red!

amy poehler red hair

Okay, it's probably more of a strawberry blonde, and she's working it. Can't help but wonder what prompted this major makeover?! And it is major, considering that Amy's maintained her signature blonde 'do for YEARS, give or take experimenting with minor tweaks (wearing it wavy, bangs, etc.) but not really dramatic cuts or color changes. Could it have been something she'd did for herself OR for a role?

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Either way, it's a refreshing change of pace. But something tells me she'll be back to blonde before we know it ... and I actually love her that way more!  In the meantime, we'll have to stay tuned for the actress to reveal the details of her new look, because for now her lips are sealed!

What do you think about Amy's new hair?

Images via Frederick M. Brown/Getty & Kevin Winter/Getty

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