Perfect Responses to Those Awful Backhanded Compliments​

woman backhanded complimentDo you find yourself staring in slack-jawed disbelief each time you receive a backhanded compliment? Then, do you kick yourself for the rest of the day for not having the perfect comeback? Well, those days are over thanks to a blogger named Vanessa who calls herself Van Scribbles and creates the most brilliant responses to those irritating put-downs in sassy illustrations. 


Whether it's a change to your hair color or recent weight loss, chances are someone you know is going to put her foot in her mouth while attempting to comment on your new look.

If you're in need of a little help coming up with a clever quip that'll let your companion know he or she is out of line, check out these hilarious images.

Because your hair color really isn't anyone else's business:

As if the media doesn't constantly remind you of this already:


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Makes you think twice, don't they?

To view more of Van Scribbles' smart retorts, visit her blog.

What's the best comeback you've ever had after receiving a backhanded compliment?


Image ©sassystock/shutterstock

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