Dove Tells Women to 'Choose Beauty' But We'd Rather Be Defined in 30 Other Ways (VIDEO)

average beautiful doors dove choose beauty screenshotDove soap has long sung the praises of positive body image, so it's no surprise their newest campaign features a short film called, "Choose Beautiful." In the soon-to-be-viral clip, women in all different countries must make a decision: walk through a door labeled "Beautiful" or a door labeled "Average."


The point being, clearly, that we should all be describing ourselves as "Beautiful," because we're all freakin' awesome WOMEN, damnit, hear us roar a la Katy Perry -- and all that good stuff. But just like subscribing to limiting standards of beauty is an all too common trap we've all fallen into at one point or another, so too is being forced to define ourselves in superficial terms like "pretty," "thin," "curvy," and, yes, even "beautiful."

Watch as these women get stuck with that "choice."

Of course, the definition of "beautiful" is subjective. To some, it may mean you're a giving, compassionate, loving person -- not just physically attractive. But still. There are so many words we'd rather use to define ourselves than these two options! Here, 30 doors women told us they'd prefer to walk through. 

1. "Frickin' Awesome."

2. "BAMF." (That's bad ass motherf***er, for the uninitiated.)

3. "Enter."

4. "... or Exit." 

5. "Crazy Cat Lady & Owning It."

6. "Phenomenal Woman."

7. "Genius."

8. "Fearless."

9. "Doesn't Take Shit From Anyone Anymore."

10. "Lovable."

11. "Kind."

12. "Caring."

13. "Warm."

14. "Thoughtful."

15. "Smart."

16. "Strong."

17. "Flawed & Freaky."

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18. "Has a Soft Heart." 

19. "Has an Endless Capacity for Love."

20. "Feminist."

19. "Valued."

20. "Brilliant."

21. "Sexy & Sex-Positive."

22. "Outspoken."

23. "Possesses Wells of Passion and Emotion."

24. "Empowered."

25. "Successful."

26. "Renaissance Woman."

27. "Superhero."

28. "Powerful."

29. "Amazing."

30. "Doesn’t Need a Soap Company to Boost Her Self-Esteem, Thanks All the Same."

What's the name of the door you'd prefer to define yourself by walking through?


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